A personal note from Cameron Dunlap

When it comes to health, wealth & happiness, what you think about… the things you say to yourself and the questions you ask yourself, quietly in your head, have EVERYTHING to do with what you experience in life.

Earl Nightingale said it best, “We become what we think about.” If you’ve seen the movie “The Secret” then you know the secret is… our lives are a reflection of our most prominent thoughts.

So I ask you… what do you think about?  Are you aware of what you think about? You should be. Your head can either be filled with junk or filled with gold and only you can choose which. Then, your life is simply a reflection of those thoughts.

So be deliberate about what you’re thinking about, and remember successful people are the product of organized and deliberate thinking. Unsuccessful people are the victims of random, meaningless and often negative thoughts.

I say the words, “I deserve to be healthy, wealthy and happy,” to myself, no less than 5 to 10 times per day. Seriously! And do you know what?  I AM healthy, wealthy and happy!  I believe those simple words will have a similar impact on you, or anyone who is aware and deliberate enough to say them to him/herself over and over, every day. They’re very powerful words without a doubt. I sometimes find a negative thought creeping into my head and like a watchdog, WHAM, I stop the negative thought and replace it with those special words.

I know this may sound simplistic or like some sort of puffery. I assure you that it’s not. Ask the most successful person you know if they are careful and deliberate about what they think about. Then ask the most unsuccessful person you know how they feel about what I’m describing and then decide for yourself who you’d rather be like.

I also suggest that you always be asking yourself the right questions. They need to be highly motivating, positive, and empowering questions.  My empowering questions usually start with “How can I” or “How will I”.  They never start with “Why can’t I”.  “Can’t” is a very negative word. “Can” is very positive.

Our subconscious minds are extremely powerful, and yet controllable when we are aware and proactive about it.  We need to tell our subconscious minds what to think with affirmations, and empowering questions, or like a misguided child, they will have minds of their own – which do not serve us.

You can do ANYTHING you want in this life. Just be sure your thoughts are in line with your goals and aspirations so all the momentum in your world is in the same direction; the direction of YOUR choosing.

I’ll see you at the top!!
Cam Dunlap